Outdoor Climbing


Climbing outdoors refers to climbing on actual rocks in nature. The first thing you will notice is that the rock feels different. Different rock varieties have different textures and weathering that make each climb unique. Often finding the start of a route outside is hard because there are no marked starts, so a guide book or map of some kind is usually needed to find the right routes to climb. All styles of climbing are able to be performed outside including bouldering, top rope, and lead. Top rope is fairly similar to the indoor version except that you will have to find your own holds to ascend. Bouldering is also similar, but in addition to finding your own holds, the techniques often vary because of the strange angles formed by natural walls. Lead climbing is the most different because for most routes, the first person up not only has to find the holds with different techniques, but also place the clips that anchor the rop in case of a fall. Weather should be taken into consideration, as a bad rainy day can cancel a day or more of climbing. As heat changes with the seasons, forecasts are something to consider while trying to stay as safe as possible.


The following are climbing sites from our database that feature an outdoor climbing experience.