Indoor Climbing


Climbing indoors refers to climbing in an indoor gym-like space, and with artificial holds and walls. Artificial holds feel anywhere from smooth to like a course sand paper. The holds are generally even with the texture being the same over the the entire hold. The walls are usually wood or wood coated in a paint or plaster. The walls follow a pattern of having the same pitch (or angle) for each section before changing, making the angles that you climb at fairly standardized. A climbing gym will have mats of varying thickness to help prevent injury when falling. The routes on the walls are frequently reset, which results in the ability to keep going back and always having something new to climb. The routes are easily located and climbed because of specific markings. The wide variety of routes means that there are ratings for every skill level that are interesting. Weather is not an issue for indoor climbing gyms, except for getting to the gym and leaving. Depending on the gym, there can be bouldering, top rope, and lead routes for patrons.


The following are climbing gyms from our database that feature an indoor climbing experience.